Terra Real Estate
We know Our Land

We are a Real Estate consultancy firm active in the business for nearly 40 years. The experience and professionalism that distinguish us, allow us to assure you we have the most adequate solution to your needs on realty: Consultancy, Brokerage, Project Marketing and Development, Property Management, Appraisals, and Tax, Legal, and Notarial Advisory: All this in a sheltered, trustworthy, and wholesome environment.

The knowledge acquired during these nearly 4 decades has enabled us to build alliances, connections, and relationships which result in benefit of our clients. In other words: we know how; we know with whom.


On account of our substantial experience; on account of our mature market knowledge; on account of our valuable client portfolio, and of our constant evolution and interest on always staying close and in contact with our clientry, is that we can offer you absolute guarantee, discretion, and integrity in the managing of your projects and proceedings.

We remain at your service, reaffirming you may be sure and confident that we'll be giving you a P2P/ customized assistance from the very start up to the end of any business or project you entrust us, as difficult as it may be.


Nearly forty years ago, in our Terra were planted the seeds of a great project that has been fruitful through the years. In Terra BI, we initiated operations in 1972, retailing housing estate and land for developers of distinct classes. In 1977 Terra was responsible for selling the Residencial San Agustín housing development in San Pedro Garza García, which was Terra's first substantial project; inaugurating our offices right there in Vasconcelos.

From the beginning, land marketing has been one of the greatest specialties of our firm. Also, just as any living organism, Terra BI grows and has continued evolving and extending its roots; going from residential and housing sectors' coverage in the seventies, expanding to office and retail sectors in the eighties. Furthermore, in the nineties, we started up in the industrial sector, market which we still cover today.

We started the year 2000 partnering up with Collier's International Monterrey, for a period of 8 years. Our objective was to strenghen and expand our coverage and specialty in the industrial sector. This is how Terra BI incorporated logistics to its specialties.

As it may be seen, we have been covering the diverse Real Estate sectors for many years, which allows us undoubtedly to affirm: WE KNOW OUR LAND.

Successful Projects
  • -Particular clients
  • -Investors
  • -Government of N.L.
  • Companies:
  • -Femsa
  • -Finsa
  • -GIM
  • -IMMSA
  • -U-Calli
  • -Vitro
  • -Avant
  • -García Cantú
  • -Gepridoma
  • -Imperial
  • -Kalos
  • -Lamosa
  • -Nexxus
  • -Sada Gómez
  • -Wal-Mart
  • -Protexa
  • -Rondonia
  • -Home Depot
  • -Nadro
  • -Among others...
TerraBi Offers
  • Our Experience in transactions
  • Formality in our approach
  • Discretion on your information
  • Honesty and Consistency in our actions
  • Efficiency in our responsibilities
  • - Our company's over 35 years of experience have provided a broad and mature market knowledge. Due to this, and the constant quest to staying updated, is that we may offer accurate solutions to varied topics in the real estate business. This, plus a personal approach, allows us to be assertive in communication with our client and thus consistent actions are directed towards the project's resolution
  • - Selling Advisory
  • - Leasing Advisory
  • - SLB (Sale and Leaseback)
  • - Capital and Real Estate Investment Strategies
Project Marketing and Development
  • - General Scrutiny on Urbanistic Development Projects
  • - Profitability and Market Analysis
  • - Business Strategy
    • - Project Advisory
    • - Project Administration
    • - Sales
    • - Marketing and Publicity
Property Administration
  • - Safeguarding the property's proper functioning
  • - Lease Management
  • - Service and General Payments Management
  • - Attending tenants needs
  • - Accurate and objective appraisal service
Tax, Legal, and Notarial Advisory
  • - Assistance on legal, taxation, and administrative aspects of transactions
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